Comment on Installation - Pi

DEV commented on 01 Mar 2017, 12:15 PM

Thanks for the reply.
I am using v help-about ZerodhaPi-version mentioned).
the data i extracted was for Nifty50 for the past 120 days…
i exported the data for nifty50(120 days) today during the market hours i found that the data was complete, however when i pulled data couple of days back during off-market hours following days were missing from the sheet and also from the historical charts
data between 9th November 2016 and 24th November 2016
data between 25th November 2016 and 7th December 2016
I will re-check after market hrs if there’s any data missing.
please check it from your end as well if there’s any discrepancy in data after market hrs and reply.
Thanks again for quick response.


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