Comment on Cover Orders - For Higher Leverage

Sandip_Chougale commented on 07 Mar 2013, 05:56 AM

Dear Sir,
I am facing issue with order placement. Please answer to my below query.
(1) I have placed a ‘BUY’ order with “SL-M” using “MIS” option. LTP = 100 & Trigger Price(SL) = 98. My order is execuated with LTP as it was a ‘SL-M’ order. Now I want to modify my stoploss (Trigger Price) to 100 as stock moves to 104. But I am not able to modify it. I have asked same query earlier also & you have told that it is possible to do it. Please explain.
(2) After buying this stock @100 Now I want to sell it. After showing above error I used ‘SELL’ order with ‘SL’ type. Price (Target Limit)= 106 & Trigger Price= 104 but again it shows error that “Trigger Price should be greater that Price.” So I have done vice a versa that is Price (Target Limit)= 104 & Trigger Price = 106. But it Execuated at LTP i.e. 105.
Why this happened?
I request you to please explain it in detail.
I have checked all blogs about Orders but all presentations are not sufficient to understand. Can you please make graphical video or slide show same as ‘Interactive Broker’ or Sherkhan. Request you to please do it urgently.

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