Comment on BTST/ATST( Buy/Acquire Today Sell tomorrow)

Steven D commented on 24 Feb 2017, 07:41 AM

I am quite a new member of your brokerage firm. I was actually impressed with the no brokerage chg’s for equity investing concept and opened an account. All good. But since I do not buy many shares at one given time , it may be just 1 or 2 scrips of each company at a time, based on my financial circumstances. ( small time investor). Just yesterday I opened the ledger and to my dismay I see that there are DP charges (rs.15/-) levied for every transaction. Is this applicable for the sale of even 1 or 2 shares. In which case it’s a rip off. What do you suggest OR, what other way to circumvent this anomaly? Also why do you charge Rs.50/- for changing one’s profile details. It is not the case with many other brokers.

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