Comment on Start investing in mutual funds @ Zerodha

spr commented on 23 Feb 2017, 01:05 PM

Hi..recently, I received an email from Zerodha that all investments including SIPs into the “DSP BlackRock Micro-Cap Fund” have been suspended and hence all our standing instructions i.e. SIPs will be deleted. But, I read on their website and also valueresearchonline that existing SIPs registered on or before Feb 20 will be allowed to continue .

Here’s the exact text on quote “However, the fund-house said the scheme will continue to allot units for subscription transactions pursuant to SIP, STP, Dividend Transfer Plan, Super SIP facilities registered prior to Feb. 20. and pursuant to declaration of dividend under the dividend reinvestment option offered under the Scheme”. Here’s the link : .

Since my SIPs were started last year (May 2016), I assume that I should be allowed to purchase units even now. Can someone please clarify what’s happening here ? Am I missing something ? thanks !


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