Comment on Zerodha Educate - webinars for traders

Manoj commented on 23 Feb 2017, 09:04 AM

Hi Nitin,
Your efforts for continuous improvement are really great and shows Zerodha team’s hunger to remain at leading edge. However we continue to face issues with contract download from old portal. I raised this earlier through support tickets and was advised to download current day CN’s after 10pm as trade processes gets over by then. I was able to download for a day or two after 10 pm then it stopped , raised ticket again and was requested to download next day morning, now even that has stopped working. can’t imagine trade processes running all night and next morning also when i get my CN’s in proprietary pdf format in email at around 2am.
Is this the case of responsible person forgetting to re-enable CN’s download in the night after trade processes are over?. If that’s the case then a auto-reminder shall help.
Please look into this and set a proper procedure as new Q which is supposed to solve this keeps getting delayed and now atleast another month away.


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