Comment on Trading Q&A

Anand commented on 18 Feb 2017, 08:56 PM

Dear Nithin Kamath

your kite web application is excellent and very user friendly..but it is lagging one important feature itseems.
As a client of you I desired that. If it is possible to include kite web next versions please develop it.
Feature details.
for example I want buy nifty feature like below..
Buy above 8858 Tgts: 8873 / 8888 SL: 8838
So your app should buy the nifty feature when it hits 8858 ..once done it has to place orders for target for 8873 and stop at 8838. So if my target 8858 hits it should automatically cancel my stop loss order and vice versa…
Including such a feature in your web application or mobile android application may draw you millions and it is very useful for us also. One thing is for sure it will become very attractive feature..Please include this in your next version


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