Comment on Zerodha Educate - webinars for traders

Ravinder kumar commented on 17 Feb 2017, 10:34 PM

Yes, I have checked both the platforms and they are both great. But there is a little problem I am facing with pi, as I am using this the most. Scale on the charts are not even, and by even means one bar 91.2 and the next is 91.9 and the nest one 92.6 and so forth, and this create big confusion about how much points you are up or down by looking at the chart itself. Even I meant like 90, 91, 92 and 93 on the scale. This would be really easy for traders to read. I have used 4 brokers and all use the even charts. And please add this feature of adding moving averages or any study for all in one. By that I mean, there are 12 charts and individually you can not add 2 moving averages, RSI MACD etc. So it would be best if we add all these studies all at once in every chart. Will save a lot and time. Quick order window is the excellent feature I have seen. it saves time and traders can easily catch a Breakout, I mean, I can with zerodha. But if you can add the feature of buy at the bid or sell at the ask in quick order window, that can save spread amount that we lose after getting in the trade.

Thank you for reading.

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