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Singaramani commented on 21 Aug 2014, 07:50 PM

Hi Team,

Hope you are working all the day to best serve the clients.

I am having trouble with my Z5. Below are the problems i am facing everyday (atleast 10 times):

1. Data feed stream suddenly hangs even when other pages in other windows works fine. Clicking on Connection Icon never worked. I have to logout, then login (around 5-6 step to reach Z5). By that time price moves somewhere.

So, I use my IIFL account for price watch and Z5 for placing order and people laughs. 🙁

2. What is the Session_Timeout? Sometimes fine, but sometime “just logged-in” session shows session expired when in click F3 to modify order. Then again i have to the length way to reach Z5. Whenever the situation is perfect to modify the order, Z5 fails and session expires. Becoz of this i missed so many good profits and encountered losses.

These problems are not once in a day. Everyday my session expires atleast 10-20 times. U can check my Login log. Evryday i login atleast 10-20 times.

I use Mozilla Firefox 31.0. Have 2 GB RAM. Windows 8 OS. I clean “Cached Web Content” of firefox regularly.

Please help me to get out of this problem.

Client ID: RS2575

Thanks & Regards.

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