Comment on Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse

vishal commented on 17 Feb 2017, 05:15 PM

Hi NIthin,

It’s been a week since I started trading with Zerodha. I must say “Bravo ! (in Colonel Hans Landa style 😀 )” . Although I am into stocks since 2006 but without technicals . So therefore the result was lost a huge amount of money (taking 2008 recession into account 😀 ) – somwehere around 12-13 lakhs ! but its fine – leanrt a lot and still learning . I believe stock market is ever learning process. When to enter and when to exit – one need to master on this and indicators provided in kite/pi helps a lot. These days I am searching for videos of each indicator/chart i see in dropdown list of kite and apply it very next day . The result is always positive . Whenever trade goes wrong , I analyse Kite charts and see where I went wrong and what I was thinking at that point of time. Lemme stop here.
the bottom line is you and the team are doing great job and very well done ! Thanks ! 🙂

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