Comment on Settlement Holiday and its Impact

RAM B GORRE commented on 17 Feb 2017, 10:35 AM

Nithin K, I am super frustrated and wanted to talk to you directly. Not sure how i can do it.

I transferred some money from my commodity account to bank yesterday and till now 10:30am today, I didn’t receive it in my bank. I wanted to buy a stock and it was at super low.. as of now, it already went up by 3% from lows.. The only reason for my inability to trade is – Your delay in crediting money to my account. Why is that? Why can’t you deposit in 8am batch? An why can’t i receive it in less than 30 minutes? You can work on this with a charge if needed.

Secondly, Why is transferring money from commodity to equity account is not possible? If this is govt regulation, then your withdrawal and deposit speeds must be fastened by a 1000 times.

Now, I am like, money is there.. but not there..

I have been trading with scottrade (in the US) and zerodha is no where near it in terms of quotes update..

You GOT TO work on it!

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