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Yogesh commented on 13 Feb 2017, 07:20 AM

This is addressed to Mr Nitin , the founder.

Zerodha claims to have a very quick account opening process but in reality it is not so or maybe the independent non employee agents have not been fully trained how to be customer friendly.

I recently applied for Zerodha equity and commodity trading account. My account has been pending just for the want of IFSC code and MICR missing on the bank statement downloaded from a nationalized bank account site. For some reason their statement does not have this information , and the application keeps getting rejected even after adding and self attesting the statement for such information. My question is – why is a customer responsible for such bank internal information and even if so – why is this information not accepted as self attested? I worst case situation , why is zerodha not able to provided a quick work around for this genuine issue? I am sure i am not the only customer who unfortunately has such issue?
Will appreciate a customer friendly resolution.

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