Comment on Basics on Options Shorting/Writing

dhaval commented on 20 Aug 2014, 11:10 AM

thanks for watching my stretegy. i am only see that if we sell call and put both at a current nifty rate price, we will get minimum 40 to 50 point profit in new months first week..
hear i am expening you how you earn.
i have make a position of august months call put same strick price in july last day expiry that day nifty trades at 7830 and i have sell 7800 call and 7800 put at 120 and 125 rate.
so my total is 245 points and after august one week when i see nifty its price is 7679 and my position profit is 200 points total so i have made 45 points profit in only one position with same strick price call put selling.
because of time peried.
see every month last expiry days nifty spote price and sell its call and put of same strike price. example if on expiry nifty is at 7900 so you have to sell 7900 call and 7900 put of next month and squar of your position after one week no have to wait. more and you will definatly get profit.
this is i am thinking and i am working so i do this stretage if you like it than. do it………….. and thank you. for watching my stretagy

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