Comment on Software Engineer up 400%

Jeet commented on 05 Feb 2017, 07:52 PM

Hi Pawan,
I don’t know why Zerodha publishing the stories of the winner if they don’t want to share their System. Those who are praising him and Zerodha is good emotional guys and completely missing the eye of the bird and the purpose of you not getting solve here. So try luck on youtube so many EXPERTS traders share their system. Try it out on dummy account if you think that’s work then go for it.
1) Good system(That tells you buy /sell/ NOT to trade )
2)Risk Managment (For ST use multiple of ATR, depends on which time frame you are using )
3) Control your emotions(This takes practice)
Create your system, try it out on past chart – do some dummy trading and manage your money and emotion.
Stop looking BS stories.

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