Comment on Basics on SLB (Stock Lending & Borrowing)

AK commented on 18 Aug 2014, 05:52 PM

SLB- few queries

1.In the NSE website (, one can see only the best bids and best offers. How are they getting executed against each other?

Are there market orders too in existence (like in normal trading exchanges)?
How can limit orders trade amongst themselves?

2. In this segment,are we lending/borrowing the shares itself or their derivatives(i.e futures/options) ?

3. What are the options that the borrower can do with the borrowed shares/derivatives?
-is his only option is to sell?
-if yes,is that short selling ?
-if yes,does that selling takes place automatically and immediately (at least in the same day) after the borrower receives those shares/derivatives from the lender?

4. Please see attachment (, if the entire traded/borrowed volume is ultimately shorted, can the trading/borrowed volume be considered as short selling volume?

5. Lastly, the above mentioned screenshot attached shows data for sep-2014.This is not EOD (daily) data. Where to get EOD (daily) data?


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