Comment on Quarterly settlement of funds & securities

Sunith D K commented on 28 Jan 2017, 02:00 PM

Dear Nithin,

I had a lot of confidence in Zerodha Q untill this happened two days back.
My profits realised till Jan 24 th was 4, 30, 000 Rs ( Q was exactly showing the same. And i also have my own track of my profits ).

The next two days, i was not able to log on to Q, and yesterday when i see the realized profits its showing 3, 44, 000 Rs ( Around 90000 Rs less ) And i havent done any trades in these days.

And i checked the profits realised during an earlier Period, even that also is shown 90000 Rs less, i have the screen shot saved for this earlier period. So i have attached the screenshot and raised a ticket already.

Nobody has even looked into the issue or contacted me, and i m here worried about my Funds in your system. I have made almost 5 Or 6 Calls to the support center, every body has only one answer, they have intimated the concerned Person and he ll contact me by the end of the day and rectify the problem . I dont know who this person is, and nobody has contacted me.

I dont have the number of any person who can help me in this regard. So i kindly request you to look in to this issue.

My ticket number is 766776. If you can give the numbers of some senior persons ( I dont think the support team is able to underatand what i m speaking to them. I already had enough calls with them ) I can tell them the situation.

Please rectify this issue because i didnt get any response from the service team yet and i am still worried about this mismatch shown in Q.

Atleast give a contact number where i can explain what is the problem, and a person who can understand and give the solution

I hope you can understand a person’s frustration when its related to his funds.

Thanks and Regards

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