Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

PR1743 commented on 21 Jan 2017, 09:42 PM

In q while accessing the reports (p&l, ledger etc) section why can’t we have some default periods like last week, this week, this month, this, yesterday etc,…may be like radio buttons where we can select an option with single click or less preferably a drop down list…..or at least a option default option where we can pick a date (like 1st of the current month… start of the week or any date that we set and the results are shown from that date to their day)…. instead of picking the dates each and every time we access the reports/ledger.

Y is the crudeoil contract located way down just above the zincmini contract in the commodities margin section, instead of being right above/below the crudeoil contract where it should be logically…

while in line beak chart of any contract in kite …once I scroll to the right by left clicking the Mouse button and dragging then the chart keeps on scrolling even resetting the chart to the latest bar by clicking on the double arrows don’t work

There some great features exclusive to pi and some great features exclusive in kite…..y don’t work towards getting the same features/feel to both platforms, instead of making us feel a little lost/different while switching from one platform to other

Quant section not getting updated…sync button doesn’t work…plz do some thing

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