Comment on Pi bridge - gateway to trade using other programs

Pavan commented on 18 Jan 2017, 11:45 PM

I am in a dilemma. I like the interface and charts of PI and I prefer to use python. So
1) Should I opt for PI bridge and use PI for charts ? Becos is it possible to logon to PI while using kite connect ?
2) Any writeup/manual on the pros/cons of using kite connect over PI bridge?
3) Can I watch or have access to market depth when using PI bridge/kiteconnect ?
4) Instead of 5 bid-ask spreads, can I get 20 if I use PI Bridge/Kite connect ?
On a slightly different note,
5) Right now Zerodha provides margins for abt 325 stocks in the EQ segment. In one of your post’s you have said that as a discount brokerage firm it may not be possible for Zerodha to provide margin for all stocks in EQ segment. So instead of 3X, 10X, 11X margins, can you atleast provide a 1X margin (same as CNC multiplier) on the remaining of these stocks in EQ segment. That will solve my problem in taking a SHORT position on all stocks in EQ segment.
Thank You.

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