Comment on Say Hello to The Greeks!

Hanan commented on 11 Aug 2014, 05:32 PM

Binu, option Greeks work on Zerodha Trader. There are two ways to view this:

1. You can view option Greeks on your Option Calculator. You can use Shift+O to open the Option Calculator and then calculate the Greek values for that particular option. This works on all versions of Zerodha Trader. Call our support line if you’re having problem viewing the Greeks on the calculator.

2. To enable this on your market watch, you need to go to User Settings (Ctrl + P) and select Market Watch on the left. In that menu, you have to select the check box which says “Enable Greeks on Market Watch.”
Once this is done, you have to come back to the market watch, select the option scrip you want Greeks for and right click and select “Make Greek Settings.” This opens a new window where you can enter the value for Greeks. Save it…

The second option has been known to not work on some versions like 3.11.2, but an update should be able to fix this issue.

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