Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

Bhushan Kela commented on 15 Jan 2017, 11:27 AM

Hi Nithin Sir,
At present Bracket order, for target and stop loss we have to put the difference in points. Eg. For a stock buy at 100 and want to put a stop loss of 98 and target of 105, we have to put as 2 and 5 respectively in stop loss and target screen. However there are few people who like to have absolute values like 98 as stop loss and 105 as target. can you please provide the option to the traders that they can choose whether to have difference in unit price or absolute values. This is a request. If feasible please add it to the next version upgradation of PI.
Secondly the charts UI in PI software is way far behind the Kite Web charts UI. Please bring some upgrade to charts in PI to have a better UI in PI software.
Happy Lohri/ pongal / makar sankranti to you and team Zerodha.
Cheers !!!

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