Comment on Kite Connect APIs for programmatic access

Chandresh commented on 14 Jan 2017, 06:19 PM

Right sir.. but I want API to give me this information in the dump..I want to create tool based on price band logic.
can you PLEASE add this to API? it is very useful. I am dying for the same. Yahoo API gives it but since it it free it is 15 mins delay.. so I have to use Yahoo API to get price band of all stocks.. filter some of the stocks what I want, and then start using KITE Api to query only those stocks in 3-4 seconds interval..I wan to avoid Yahoo Api, as it may be withdrawn (like google finance api)..

My tool will get all NSE shares..filter based on price band and trade on them with extra logic.

Sir I am HNI (not huge though) investor.. having trading account with Karvy since 8 years. I am a programmer too. So if you can include the price band information in the dump, I will invest 10 lac in one go in my zerodha account.

Kindly help. You can ask me any details on my email account.

However there is no point to open account until I have price band information in the dump. I really need it. I will look at yahoo api and see whether it will help for the time being.. as only ONCE I need price band when market opens (then use KITE for further operation including trading).. but 15 mins delay is what bothering me.. BUT I think I can compromise on it..Lets see.

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