Comment on Updates - June 2015

Saurabh Kumar Gautam commented on 12 Jan 2017, 08:52 PM

I think not just leader board will do the trick, why not reduce the broking charges for new investors in intra day as if your sell is not beyond .50 from buy and it’s not in turn over above 1,00,000 it is tough to book a profit in intra day. The profit the small traders earn in range of 100-150 goes to broker or the government taxes.
I don’t think this way more investors will come to trade in equity.

Thers should be way out for intra day. Some charges can be cut or a financial modeling can be done to reduce from 0.01 like after you pay total brokerage of 50 or 200 then it becomes free.

As service tax and other tax is calculated on brokerage it will give profitability to small i hraday traders and new people will join the platform.

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