Comment on Start investing in mutual funds @ Zerodha

Shivaprasad Patil commented on 12 Jan 2017, 03:26 PM


I have zerodha demat account. I have equity mutual funds & ELSS funds SIP running in HDFC, Axis, ICICI, Reliance.
So, I have following questions:
1. Can I transfer my mututal fund to zerodha demat?
2. In zerodha is there brokerage involved while we start or buy SIP?
3. Currently, as I’m investing in different AMCs have different folios. How it is managed in zerodha if I transfer my holdings to zerodha demat?
4. What are the differences between buying or starting SIP in Zerodha and between howI’m currently investing(i.e. Investing through websites of AMCs i invest in)


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