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DK commented on 12 Jan 2017, 09:46 AM

Dear Mr. Venu,

I appreciate your quick revert and once again I would like to reiterate that the core value of Zerodha is its availability of the top management for directly addressing every single customer query. please kindly retain this core value inspite of your growing customer base.

Regarding my problem, i understand the justification in your reply and I understand the limitation of Zerodha as service provider. But as a loyal Zerodha customer and who is pained with an oppurtunity loss, shall i propose a solution too? Can you consider a system upgradation for quick order modification (as an option that can be opted by the customer in the user setting) to better pricing or to market price if the limit is failed to execute?

I understand that currently you are facing some issues for a tieup with symphony who is offering that readymade product in the market. But can you the issue faced by me as a “case problem” and consider such upgradation?

Just to show my pain level today instead of getting a 2.5 lakhs profit in that order execution am running at a loss of Rs 1lakhs. This kind of oppurtunity loss is avoidable for trader like me, if auto order modification concept is made available, incase of failure of limit orders.

Offcourse other easy solution is changing my trade style to place order with market price. But Mr. Nithin being a trader might understand what Am trying to mean.

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