Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

Sudipta commented on 11 Jan 2017, 08:58 AM

Ok, thanks Venu. Please trust me, getting a trade-wise report is definitely very basic requirement for a systematic money management. However, I understand from your explanation that it is not exactly a trade-wise report in your language, but what I am looking for is an order-wise report. If I get a trade-wise report, I can also sum up and make the order-wise report. Trade-wise report will be the most granular report.

Let’s say I ordered 100 Nifty Buy and 100 SBI Put simultaneously. I want to see a report that shows how much cost I incurred for Nifty Buy and how much for SBI Put – separately (2 different cost amounts). Now, the 100 Nifty Buy may consist of 5 individual trades. It is ok to know that details, but all that I need is to know the total cost for 100 Nifty Buy. It should not be mixed with the 100 SBI Put. At present, you are giving the total cost of Nifty Buy and SBI Put together, end of the day in ledger. This mix up needs to be avoided. So, I need an order-wise or trade-wise report. Will wait for the announcement of the backoffice 2.0 version. Hope that will help me.

I got an additional question from your reply. Let’s say my 100 Nifty Buy is executed in 5 trades (just an extreme example may be). So I will incur a brokerage charge of 20 X 5 = Rs 100 plus taxes, is it ? Kindly confirm.


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