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Venu commented on 10 Jan 2017, 02:11 PM

Hi DK,
No problems in raising your concern here. We did go through the order logs, the order has been rejected from the Exchange, not from our OMS. The time your order was sent, the volatility in the contract was high due to which the execution range may have been updated at the Exchange which resulted in your order getting rejected. Axis Futures

You’ve placed a limit order in both the cases, the rejection reason is “17070 : The Price is out of the current execution range”. 17070 is the error code from NSE, you may confirm this by calling the trade helpline of NSE, if you have reasons to believe that the explanation given by us is not fair. As a broker, we only provide you an execution platform. Order matching and subsequent execution is done at the Exchange level, something beyond our control. As much as we would have liked to help you with this, there’s only limited support that we can provide, since the rejection is directly at the Exchange end.

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