Comment on Introducing Rupee Tales

Anjaneya Mhatre commented on 09 Jan 2017, 07:49 PM

Quote: “This transaction looks me very unprofessional from a highly professional organization.”

Exactly my thoughts. I ordered the books on 27th Dec. Apart from a transaction related mail from Team Razorpay, no confirmation of the order, when it will be shipped, where to track, contact for grievance redressal. The books are yet to be delivered.
I opened a ticket by mailing Zerodha Support and apart from the automated reply there has been no update.
Ticket #725588.
Pay Id: pay_6xq0C3v2VliKzF

I had recommended this book set to my colleagues who are not familiar with Zerodha. Most of them trade with other well-known (but expensive and trader-unfriendly) platforms and are hesitant about switching to Zerodha. Fortunately, none of them have taken my advice and ordered this book set yet and I have been saved from the embarrasment! Such bad experiences with something as simple as delivery of books are not going to help Zerodha’s reputation in a positive way. If you want the Zerodha name to be associated with this initiative, please ensure that the process is as professional and customer-friendly as I have come to expect from Team Zerodha.

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