Comment on Tradetax for income tax returns when trading

C M Vyas commented on 07 Jan 2017, 09:40 AM

Dear Zerodha,
I am presently in the Beta mode of exposure to Zerodha. Still getting to understand the intricacies. I have some observations that could be addressed by you.

I am facing difficulty with is in respect of the trade book and contract note. In case of trades in multiple scrips in a day, I get one contract note, which is fine. I also know the value of each trade/ scrip traded, which is also fine. But brokerage, STT, cess and other charges are not reflected scrip wise. It it given as one figure for the whole trading day instead of scrip wise. Secondly, if I do some CNC and some MIS in the same day, the brokerage for these two segments are different and the charges are also different. Unless I know the breakdown of charges order wise I am left to resort to time consuming calculations. I suggest a trade wise breakdown be incorporated in the Trade book & Contract Note.
The watch list has five pages with 20 scrips per page. I have some suggestions here. First, can it be increased to 10 pages of 20 items? Probably auto refreshing only when the specific page is open instead of continuously refreshing at all times? Second, the font is very light and needs to be darkened. It is especially so when we access it outside our homes at times and in the sunlight it is barely visible. Third, can watchlists also have a download feature (all watchlists together) at the end of day only? It can be in OHLC format.

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