Comment on ZT-View Cash Limit

Deepti commented on 05 Jan 2017, 10:06 PM


I have read through above comments but my situation is bit more complex and hence asking here:

1) I have pledged Liquid Bees and Coal India, say I get a margin after haircut as 1 Lakh and 1.5 lakhs respectively.
2) Also added fund from bank, say 50k
3) Write 2 option which needs Margin of say 80k and 90k each.
4) My assumption is that out of total margin needs of 1.7 lakh, first 85k should come from Coal India pledge margin (i.e. 1.5 Lakhs), remaining 50% should come from pledge of liquid bees (i.e. 1 lakh) and my cash should still be available for me to buy equity.

Please suggest if this is not how calculation is being done today?

Asking this since my Ledger is shown as negative 1.2 lakhs i.e. 50k- 1.7 lakhs. Will I be charged interest on this?

My exact situation per is more complex since I have multiple positions but ideally concept should remain same. H

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