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Thomas commented on 04 Jan 2017, 09:37 PM

Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath,

I having serious issue with calculation of average price. Due to delay from ZERODHA customer support team, I losses some amount in MCX trading. The problem is very simple, Yesterday I took short position by selling 2 lot Aluminium in different timing, First lot for 115.80 and second lot for 114.90. On the same day(yesterday), I exit the 1st lot at 115.55 and carry over the 2nd lot for today, now I have 1 lot open position. How do you calculate my profit & Loss ? I asked this to your customer support team, the said as follows.

1) Calculate the average of 2 sell i.e 115.80 +114.90 = 230.7/2=115.35, So the average price is Rs. 115.35.

2) My P&L is difference between average price and exit buy price i.e 115.35-115.55 = -0.20(loss).

But Still I have 1 open position, what is average price for currently having open position ? KITE shows that average price of currently having open position is Rs.114.9. But my argument is average price of 1 open position is RS.115.35.

Regarding this issue I made email to customer support today morning(Ticket #452935) but as of now(9:32 PM, 04/Jan/2017) I did not get any proper answer. Due to this issue, even price was fall down below Rs, 115.35, I could not exit the open position to get some gain.

I never before checked each price of details all my open position in KITE, but now suspect your KITE software. Apart from this issue, I really honest you and feel that this issue should come to your knowledge.

We are living by getting small gains earned from market. I hope that you will understand my pain. Best wishes to your kind service.

Thomas Aaroon

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