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Chandrajeet commented on 29 Dec 2016, 04:13 PM

Dear Nithin,

i am connected with zerodha from last 8 months, and i am very disappointed with this, commodity was ok but i faced lots of problem with options and equity futures,
many a time wrote a mail to unblock my BO for options but still it is not done, whenever i place BO for option i get below error
rms:blocked for optstk nse_fo bo block type: all
same happens with co order also for options, also your zerodha pi is most third class terminal, sorry to say this but it is very irritating, whenever i open chart lots of candles go missing because of this i am not able to read market properly and taking wrong trades
i request you to sought out these things for me, was very excited to open account in zerodha and recommended lots of people for this but now i regret

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