Comment on Charting - Pi

Kumar commented on 17 Dec 2016, 08:04 PM

“Horizontal line value still keeps on changing with chart scrolling. To be fixed.” I also faced this problem when scrolling using mouse cursor. Keyboard scrolling is very slow. Its even difficult to scroll through the charts with moving averages present on the chart because while scrolling the charts, moving averages and horizontal lines get selected and scrolling the charts becomes very cumbersome. I suggested the Zerodha chart programming team to Add Study in the right click menu and include the following sublist: Add study, Remove study, modify study (include option for macd histogram show/hide in the MACD), Hide/unhide study. Very simple but Zerodha charts programming team have made it really complicated. Selecting a particular indicator from the chart is redundant. Tools should be the only entities that can be selected. What is it with the fixed Size of your source box which is really small to see anything properly such as the parameters high, low, close, open, etc. Pls remove the source box completely and go with the above.
Provide an option to the clients to switch scrolling of the charts from using mouse cursor or keyboard to mouse wheel as Zoom in and out buttons are already there in the charting tool bar. We Indians are one of the best when it comes to programming and I cant believe that Zerodha could not produce a more superior charting platform without the bugs and costly errors which simply hampers clients day to day trading.

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