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Sundararaman commented on 12 Dec 2016, 03:31 PM

I want to start using CNC order type for equity. I want to know how much capital is required & how to calculate profit. Below is the scenario:-

Capital in account – 1lak
Script name – Techm
Order type – CNC
Buy Stock Price (SL-M with trigger) – 478
Total shares can be purchased – 209
Target Sell Stock Price (Limit) – 489
Stop loss Sell Stock Price (SL-M with trigger) – 455

1) Will the money be blocked as soon as i place the Sl-M entry order? Or upon order execution?
2) After the entry order is executed do i require extra margin for the Target & Stop loss order? If yes then how much?
3) How do i calculate the profit in this scenario?

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