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Taneja commented on 10 Dec 2016, 10:38 PM

Hi Nithin & Siva,

Being marketing partner of Zerodha , I would like to help my referrals for algo trading however as per my experience , other than a good platform for trading i see lots of missing points which should be at one place in proper procedure. AS of now please help me to get these queries resolved

1.) Full step-by-step procedure to do fully automatic trading. ( it would be using Pi , kite or separate terminal ? As after reading many post on Zconnect and FAQs and tradingqna , all is messed up ……. Dealer terminal is required, Amibroker plugin, Kite data and APIs……. Algo approval , Exact fee ? any fee for data or software ? for AP need to register for NSE/BSE separately ? , Can you please consolidate all at one palce and explain using what a trader can do with different products …for fully automatic trading

2.) In Pi while testing out some strategies for backtesting , there are lots of stocks to select then how we can select multiple stocks in one run for a strategy . it’s very time consuming to select one by one and testing it out as we need to fine tune the strategy as well so it’ll take much more time !!

3.) For a single stock we backtest and change the parameters in strategy to get good result buy there are lots of factors in backtest result report that I know their meaning (Definition) but don’t know their affect on performance , so it would be good if your expert team can provide more detailed explanation with examples which strategy should be considered good or bad with risk,reward, sharpe ratio and so on.

4.) I feel for backtesting there should be more data as it would include all type of mkt data (uptrend, downtrend and sideways). Generally 4-5 months mkt would be in same trend then backtesting results are very favorable . Is it possible to backtest any strategy with Kite API with full historic data?

5.) Do you have any plan to share other strategy to traders same like OpenTrade ?


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