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pravesh bajaj commented on 06 Dec 2016, 09:12 PM

hello nithin sir,
i am newly start to learn “tradescript language(algoZ)”.i tried to back taste ‘IDEA’ with simple code. i choose :– periodicity=day,barinterval=1, months=50.(i am not write any code in exit long/short script)
buy scripte code -OPEN=LOW
SELL script code -open=high
“it means that if open price equal to low price a buy signal is generated and if open price is equal to high price a sell signal is generated”
some signal are generated,buy signal when o=l and sell signal when o=h, but i observed that some day also where open price equal to low price and where open =high price there is no signal is generated.
following are some day when no signal is generated while all condition are satisfied:-
2/6/2016-open =low
7/4/2016-open =high
above are the date(dd/mm/yy) when condition is satisfied but buy/sell signal is not generated,there are many days which have same issue but problem is data box not shown date on many candle bar(chart generated by back testing) so i write only some dates only.i am also confirm from historical data of NSE.
sir kindly guide me that there is any mistake in my code and cross chek if it is possible.

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