Comment on Intro to "Q" - next generation backoffice system

sauptik sinha commented on 31 Jul 2014, 11:10 PM

Well I have opened a trading account with Zerodha and I’m not that impressed with the services so far, and all that was promised to me at the time of account opening was mere hype. First of all more than 24 days have passes, still my demat account has not been activated. Have already got in touch with them and the support team is still looking into it.
Secondly with regards to the back office application, is it supported on other browsers like Google chrome or Mozilla firefox. As per my knowledge the same is supported only on Internet explorer. It’s good that Zerodha is providing new report tools and features but unless the application is supported on other browsers, all those add on features have no significance.
I had tried using the Z5 application and there is nothing ground breaking in that too. Most of the times the browser page goes unresponsive and then one has to kill the pages. Also the widgets like Position log, Trade book etc, there is no way to scroll them to the right when you expand them. It would be better if Zerodha had focussed more on the stability and functionality part rather than adding features that cannot be used properly.
The Mobile app seems to be in a nascent stage and it will take a while before one can trade using the mobile app. The appearance and features of the mobile app still needs vast improvements.

The only thing positive about Zerodha is the low brokerage fees. But on closer look, the transaction charges are higher compared to other trading portals. Also for online transfer of funds, a fee of Rs 9 is charged which really is something not desirable. Also if one transfer funds using NEFT, then the bank will charge a commission. Either ways the customer gets penalised for transfering funds online. This will really be a problem when you have to meet M2M requirements in future trading.

Well The Z5 platform needs vast improvements and atleast the functionality of widgets shall be improved. Also the mobile version of the website will be something that may be useful for traders.

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