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Alap commented on 03 Dec 2016, 08:35 PM

i just opened new ac with zerodha, i got pi today
but very bad exp, noone to tell how to use tht software , very poor support u have. very disappointed
wht is api , how to use tht .? wht is EA, ? how we can knw tht ? very bad support system
why there is noone who can explain this all?
why renko chart is always hang ?
there is noone who can listen or solve ,
whn i ask to my sales person , they sent me mail with links of z connet and zerodha q and a,
it means we have to take full course like reading all ques and ans abt everone then try to solve our query by ourselves.
i hope someone here wil solve my issues.

i am in markets more then 10+ years , used many charting and trading software and have ac with many broker also , but not faced this kind of disappointing from anyone, yeah they may be take more time to resolve and yeah ofcourse charges higher in terms of brokerage and other charges but my trade wil nt stop , and i think its first priority,
if trade wil nt placed then no use of lower charges or free.
every time i got very bad feelings when try to talk or mail to sales person .

“There is always no charge for dreams , it only costs when u try to manifest them”

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