Comment on Transfer funds into your trading account

amitpatel306 commented on 30 Jul 2014, 11:06 PM

hi nithin,
i have opened my zerodha account few months back. I have another account with Icicidirect. I like your platform and the customer support is very good. Planning to shift all my holding from Icicidirect to IL&FS demat account linked with Zerodha account.

But I need few clarifications from your end.

1. How can i see contract notes in back office (
2. How can i see Transaction Statement on 3/6/12 months basis. In Transaction statement we get all the details available in Contract Notes but in a consolidated manner, so that by the end of the financial year we don’t have to keep may be around 200/250 contract notes emailed to us on daily basis. This way its manageable and it is just like Contract Notes Summary & can be used with Income Tax department as & when required.
3. In the event of transferring of shares to IL&FS, then whenever i sold them through Zerodha platform, do i be able to get Profit & Loss statement anyhow? From my side you can get trade book of my earlier DP account where all the purchase details of (equity holding transferred) are available.


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