Comment on Account Opening Process - Corporate,Partnership Firm, & HUF

Cp commented on 30 Nov 2016, 04:20 AM

Account opening charges are really high. 600 rs. for equity and commodities (including printed form courier). I am a student and dont feel like paying too much for account opening, There is upstox, which is not charging even a rupee, also the AMC is 0, Its just that i am in love Zerodha’s tools and website. That’s why opened the account by paying 300 rs. (out of my savings), for equity , but didnt pay for commodities and forms. as they would have costed me 300 bucks more. Also AMC is rs. 300. I am just a student , trying to learn how stock market works, i dont earn much.

Got infatuated towards zerodha, after seeing the website, the simplicity and so subtly layout. but i guess its just meant for regular traders and not the ones like me.

Anyways Thanks.

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