Comment on Orders - Place, Modify, Cancel & View

Sundararaman commented on 28 Nov 2016, 09:40 AM

Thank you once again.. Please let me know whether the below are True or False for NRML orders:-

1) If the NRML order is not executed i.e trigger pending till end of the day it will get automatically cancelled at the end of the day
2)In this case i should place the same order again the next day
3)In the above scenario i should place the stop loss & target order only when the 1st entry order is executed. Am i right?
4)Once the 1st order is executed i will have to place the stop loss & target order every day until either one of them is executed. This is because both of them will get cancelled by the end of the day if the trigger is not executed.
5) Once one of them is executed then i will have to manually cancel the other one.
6) Even if i don’t manually cancel it, it will get cancelled automatically by the end of the day if it is not already executed i.e trigger not reached

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