Comment on User Settings - Pi

siddu commented on 27 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM

HI Zerodha Team,

I want to know more info about “Link to Excel” feature, i want to read “Market depth” in excel using RTD functions. Right now i can read only Bid Size,Ask Size, Ask rate ..etc with the RTD functions. I hope Zerodha pi RTD Server supports “market Depth” values ( at least, 5 best bids, 5 best asks )as well. But i don’t know exact “topic” name for that like for reading Bid rate i use “=RTD(“pi.rtdserver”, ,”NSE_ACC-EQ”, “Bid”)” where “Bid” is the topic name. i want to know Zerodha RTD server supported topic list. Is there any link to the zeroda pi RTD server documentation?

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