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Dipak Kumar commented on 27 Nov 2016, 04:55 PM

Hi! I am Dipak Kumar Stock Advisor since past 15 years. I lost around 100 customers during 2008 market fall due to some foolishness of the customers. I used to double their money in 2-3 months and then they used to gamble in their account and then used to blame on me. To simplify things now I have come to know that brokers allow advisors to trade on behalf of customers. I have collected again 25 customers who are intersested in opening their account with zerodha. Now my problem is should i take this headache of trading in their account or let them handle their account And I flash my stock tips in their whatsapp or through sms. Without correct tips it is not possible to make money in stock market. Novice will 100 percent loose money in stock market. It took lot of time for me to learn how to trade. My tips are 9 out 10 correct. Now I want to ask zerodha will you allow me to trade on behalf of my customers? If not then how will i earn. Some customers are office goers and they are willingly ready to let me trade no their behalf. Will you simplify this problem. They are not intersted to do their ownselves as they dont understand anything about stock market but if i do then they are ready. I don’t understand this. Can you clear this problem and your stand in this regard. I would be waiting for your eager reply. You can whatsapp me at +917035158687. I am Dipak Kumar

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