Comment on Market Watch & Trading Screen

Arpan commented on 26 Nov 2016, 06:53 PM

1. The order of scripts in market watch is changed every time I load a market watch or open Pi. I don’t keep scripts in ascending or descending order. Instead I keep them as per my requirement. Is there any solution for this?

2. Another problem is : suppose I’ve bought an option CE/ PE. Now when I try to exit that option by using “SELL” order, it rejects the operation saying “RMS: Margin Exceeds ….”. And to close that trade, I have to go to order book and have to “EXIT” from there. I know it happens due to margin issues but I am just trying to close an open position and not taking a Short Sell position. And because of that delay, I loose some points in profit ( EXITing a trade from order book ).

3. In Bracket Order, it changes given SL and Target after entering a trade. And then I have to modify them again to where I want to keep them.

4. In Bracket Order, we have to keep a buying trigger below cmp but what if I want to enter a buy trade above cmp. For ex. a script is forming a range and I want to buy when it breaks out of that range so want to keep a limit above cmp. Is it possible in Bracket Orders? (opposite for Short Orders ).

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