Comment on Online pledging of stocks for trading F&O

AKD commented on 24 Nov 2016, 01:50 PM

Dear Nithinji,

I’m a “NSE NOW” user & having few queries regarding “Stock Pledging”. Requesting you to kindly clarify….

1. Can a “NSE NOW” user trade (Intraday or overnight positions in Futures) with only “Collateral Margin”, keeping “0” (Zero) balance in his/her trading account like other “NEST” users? (e.g. you’ll charge 0.05% per day for overnight positions).
If “Not”, then how much cash margin (in %) should we maintain in our trading account, which will allow us to trade with this “Collateral Margin”?

2. What is the time limit to reimburse (to balance MTM capital) the amount lost in trading, before that Zerodha will not squire off our pledged shares? Is it within 3:30 pm of the same trading day or before the starting of next day trading session?

3. You charge 0.05% per day on 50% of the “Total Margin” if requisite cash are not available in the account. If one Hedge his position, then will you charge on 50% of “Total Margin” of each of the scripts separately or on 50% of “Total Margin (deducting Spread Benefit)” only?

Thanks in advance.

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