Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

bhushan commented on 23 Nov 2016, 05:12 PM

I had faced similar sort issue on 22/Nov. Avg price was changing, LTP was changing but P&L in the day’s history tab wasn’t getting updated.It was same for almost 2-3 hours. I thought some issue with java-script/web-socket but it wasn’t. I have tried logout,login and even switching to Firefox to IE/Edge browser. Still it was of no use. I had to look into trade logs to calculate P&L, correct prices,etc… Again tradelog is mess, user cant sort the trades based on the execution status.I’m just bothered about the trades which are in completed status,let cancelled,rejects etc be in another tab or allow the user to sort it??

I’m seriously thinking of switching to different broker/trading platform. At least if they had opened up API’s and made it cost effective programmers would build their own trading systems and integrate with their other programs than relying on kite/API.

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