Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

Venkatesh V commented on 22 Nov 2016, 08:54 PM

Dear Nitin

Issue on FNO orders..
At present on Kite Mobile App (iOS) If i need to place or modify a order for FNO by default it comes with a single lot size and if wanted to place mutiple lots i have to enter number manually….manytimes when i need to place orders in multiples or if require to modify, it takes good amount of time and the price go away far by the time i enter and execute.

Place an Up/Down Arrow just to specify the lots in number instead of lot size, however you can display the total lot size in a greyed background, this would make the order punching faster…trust me peoples trades in Futures always remember total lots in numbers but not but in lot size.

sure you would consider and implement


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