Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

bhushan commented on 22 Nov 2016, 06:18 PM

1> Need mechanism to create portfolios and move or assign tags to your holdings
Problem: Positions on kite web reports all the holdings you have in your account. If I subscribe for say small case(say it has 20 stocks ) and you have 30 Stocks already in your existing , so your positions will list all 50 stocks, options, derivatives etc. It looks so messy that , it’s difficult to manage.if we have an option to manage the holdings by categorizing them : ex: smallcase, longterm, derivatives, etc.. its easy to manage and focus on certain themes of your interest on any given day. if we can get this feature.. we can have both investment and trading account with zerodha.

2> Way to select different options and place multiple order in one go.
I need a platform to where I can select 4 options legs at say strike price x,y,m and n and place all the orders together in one go.
3> Way to see the option chain by just mouseovering on the stock symbol or by just clicking on it.
4> possibility to see the market depth of the instrument in the position/order/trade book. right now I don’t have that option . it makes trading so cumbersome on the platform.
Say I have bought GAIL at 450 on Nov 10, Now I want take a call on this position based on the trend, depth, average price etc. Now its not possible, first we need to add the stock to watch list and then check the required values.Why cant we have it directly on the position / trade or order book?We should be moving around so many tabs/pages or even sites to see the info on a stock you have traded/position.

5>Consistent prices irrespective of the trading hours or non-trading hours.. now the LTPs,Avg prices get changed once the trading is over, you cant asses your position value by EOD,on some weekends

6>kite API is bit expensive for small traders, make it cheaper, You can get the trades done by using free kite web or PI, but you need to pay Rs. 2000 to do the same trade using API. I am sure if you make it cheaper many programmers would use and trade more, result in increase in trade volume and revenue to your company.
7>Buy and sell signals alerts based on certain user set parameters or just alert on price drop/price increase.
8> Naming watch lists- not really happy to see them as watch lists as 1,2,3 ,4 ,5 🙁
There are so many feature can be added to make traders life easy and in-turn make them trade happily, make them realize more profit by taking right call at right time–>generate more revenues/user

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