Comment on Zerodha updates - Nov 2016

Dilip Nair commented on 22 Nov 2016, 03:57 PM

Dear Nithin,
First of All, Congratulation for your, in-fact “OUR” achievement. I am really happy with the kite platform though there are some issues i currently face.

Here are few suggestions for Kite-HTML & Q-HTML platforms:-
1. Please include live sensex/nifty (or other indexes) ticker as available currently in Pi.
2. Please allow to add sensex to watchlists.
3. In Q- Please show break up of charges or P/L for individual trades rather than consolidated charges & P/L for all trades for a particular day in Reports. (As in ICICI)
4. Please reduce the time taken for transfer of money from/to savings account. Also withdrawals are not done during holidays. You can overcome this by using the IMPS options for 24/7 cash transactions.

Issue being faced: In Kite-HTML (through Windows mobile) :-
When I place BO buy/sell by entering stoploss and target price, the order gets executed but when I check the order book for pending position square-off orders, the stoploss and target price for the same order will be different from what i had entered. It automatically selects the Upper ckt and lower ckt limit rates of that particular stock in place of my entered values.

eg:- I give VEDL BO sell @ 204, with Stoploss @205 & Target @202.
The order gets executed.
But the stoploss and target price would be different (shows like SL-217 & target 187). I have to modify both again by going to order book. This can cause huge losses to me if I do not change it at right time. Kindly look into this matter.

Hoping to get these issues resolved soon.

Thank you.

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