Comment on Trading Q&A

siva commented on 21 Nov 2016, 01:01 PM

Today(Mon) I tried Intraday on galada telecom BSE
Prev close Rs10.4 open 10.0 L/U price band 8.32 to 10.48Rs
cur mar price 10.4 steadily no ups no downs
in MIS I tried SL with price 9.70,9.50, trigger 9.60,9.50,9.30,8.40 all orders rejected
it always says stop price is not reasonable default values for price and trigger are cur mar prices
so what is the use of SL if we have to buy at mar price
in MIS I tried SL-M with price 9.60 order rejected it says check last trade price(10.40) vs trigger price(9.60)
if we set trigger price as 10.40 then we have to buy at LTP (10.40) then what is the use of SL-M
Only MIS Limit order with price 9.00 was placed
even when they have to explain about SL orders they don’t say directly with simple examples they confuse us by saying that place SL order for the stocks we already possess. they don’t say how to buy on SL SL-M orders
I think they profit upon our orders by using some software as our orders are processed by their servers

we have to understood that information is eqal to money they don’t give information clearly

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