Comment on BTST/ATST( Buy/Acquire Today Sell tomorrow)

A P Suresh Babu commented on 17 Nov 2016, 10:24 AM

I had bought Dish TV, 215 Nos. @ Ra 120.00 in 2015. On 11.11.16, I bought Dish TV, 68 Nos, @ 87.50, which I may sell in the coming days if it reaches my target. However, in the holdings both the trades are put to gether showing a quantity of 283 Nos. Pls.advise, how to sell the 68 Nos. bought on 11.11.16. Because, if I sell 68 Nos., in the normal way, there are chances that 68 Nos., out of 215 Nos, will be sold, resulting in loss to me. Kindly reply.

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