Comment on Chrome extensions for Kite and pulse

VIKRAM commented on 13 Nov 2016, 07:25 PM


I’m new to zerodha, previously I was trading on TradeTiger. I have a trading strategy in which I observe the market at about 9:07-9:08 AM and till 9:14 AM I used to place orders in a “Bulk Order” window of TradeTiger (orders are not passed on to exchange at this time but software waits for you to press “Push Orders” button when trading session starts to send these orders to exchange). There would be more than 2 different stocks in the list with individual and different quantities.


cnc buy infy quantity 150 @price 901 tp 925

cnc buy wipro quantity 325 @price 410 tp 426

cnc buy sunpharma quantity 100 @price 690 tp 702

As soon as trading session starts at 9:15 AM you press the “Push Orders” button to push all the orders to the exchange all at once. So all the orders are open max within a few seconds. This also minimizes the execution time for multiple stocks and stocks are bought for desired and calculated prices.

Is there such provision in zerodha Pi or Kite too?

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